Deborah English, M.A., R.C.C.

Deborah received her Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from Adler University. She has spent over 10 years working within the field of addictions and mental health. In this capacity, she has worked in non-profit organizations with at-risk individuals (youth and adults), families, parents and couples to provide support in regaining control over their lives in their struggles with addiction, anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, trauma, relationships, identity issues and more. As such, she has worked with various populations including, but not limited to, the LGBTQ+ community, First Nations and immigrants/refugees. She has training in CBT, DBT, EFT (tapping), hypnosis and uses mindfulness to facilitate implementation of healthy coping strategies. In her work, she has also provided training to front-line staff, conducted drug and alcohol workshops for students and the general public, and has provided clinical supervision for Masters-level students in their practicum placements. She has also conducted group therapy in residential recovery programs. Deborah works from a holistic, strengths-based approach with a feminist perspective that focuses on empowerment.

Deborah can be contacted through her website or call 778-242-1124.

Mark Holland, M.A., R.C.C.

Mark Holland is a Vancouver-based Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC). He received his Masters in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University, and has more than 15 years experience working with individuals and families towards change. Mark is a husband and father of three children who brings a wealth of personal experience and expertise to his work.

Mark believes in the power of relationships. He takes an individualized approach to supporting clients. His model has helped professionals refine skills in high-pressure environments, manage life transitions, and navigate intimate relationships. He works with clients to leverage strengths as a means to overcome barriers to success.

Mark specializes in helping individuals mitigate their vices with a brief, targeted approach. This has proven to be very effective for those who are juggling competing needs and multiple demands on their time. Mark understands the complexities that people face in managing stressful life events and works to find solutions that allow clients to elevate to their full potential.

For a free consultation and to book an appointment please call, 778.233.5534 or email,

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Elana Sures, M.Ed., R.C.C.

Elana Sures is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in Vancouver, BC. She has been practicing psychotherapy since receiving her Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from UBC in 2005.

Elana’s specialties include anxiety, perfectionism, and relationship issues. Elana is currently in full-time private practice, working with adults and couples. In her practice, she sees many outwardly confident students, professionals and parents who struggle with self-doubt, loneliness, and self-worth issues. Working from a predominantly emotion-focused, attachment-informed foundation, Elana collaborates with her clients to mobilize stuck interpersonal and behavioural patterns. This work results in her clients experiencing deeper connections within themselves and towards others.

Elana has done extensive training in EMDR, Emotion-focused therapy, and trauma-informed practices. Elana also has a blog (hyperlink: in which she writes about various aspects of the human condition.

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